Album Art

pailiaq - The Rendezvous 2024 Ambient Mix

pailiaq - Glotch Hip EP (2022)

Pailiaq is a psychedelic bass artist exploring novel possibilities with sound structure. The art for this EP was created by photobashing fractals, cosmic elements, and a brain which was AI style-transferred to the surrounding fractal.

Onk - Cyrus (2018)

Onk is a recreational bass producer and personal friend of mine. The art for this single “Cyrus”, was created using Adobe Illustrator, and like the song, draws light inspiration from the show ‘Tralier Park Boys’.

Unfold - In Between (2016)

Unfold is an electro-soul artist from Denver, CO. Pulling inspiration from the Pretty Lights Movement, this EP blends multiple genres to cultivate a new sound. The art for this EP was likely made on an iPhone 6s, using programs to blend and manipulate photography sent to me by old friend @rubinsandwiches.

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